Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Our Top 8 Shipping Locations for Industrial Casters and Wheels

Blog:  How Can You Ship Heavy Duty Industrial Casters and Wheels So Quickly?  Here are our top 8 shipping locations!

Is it important to receive your heavy duty industrial casters and wheels quickly? 
Sure it is….. That is why we ship casters from strategic locations across the country and we only ship inside the United States and sometimes to Canada.  Below I will detail the different warehouse locations we typically ship from and the benefits and lead time that we can usually meet.  And now our top 8!
1.      Greensboro, North Carolina:  This is our home warehouse and have been stocking casters and wheels in Greensboro for over 40 years.  We stock a large supply of light duty, medium duty, stainless steel casters and some heavy duty casters in Greensboro.  Since we have many casters customers in North Carolina we tend to stock the specific casters that our customers need.  From NC we service the following industries that use a lot of casters:  furniture industry, textiles, pharmaceutical, OEM fabricators, NASCAR racing companies, metal fabricators, and many other manufacturers.  The ship fast and they can be picked up, delivered, or shipped from Greensboro within 1 – 2 days of order.
2.      Atlanta, Georgia:  We have a couple of warehouses we ship casters from in the Atlanta area.  Again these range from the light duty, medium duty, stainless steel casters, and also heavy duty casters up to about 4,000# capacity per caster.  Orders shipping out of Atlanta can get anywhere in the Southeast part of the US in one to two days via UPS or LTL freight and about one day to process.
3.      Dallas, Texas:  This warehouse is where we have our largest stock of casters.  We have everything in Dallas from light duty to extreme heavy duty casters and wheels.  We also have high temperature rated casters, stainless steel casters, dual wheel casters, semi-pneumatic casters, and all other sizes and capacities. 70# - 40,000# capacity casters.  We have customer pick up at this location sometimes or we ship via UPS or LTL freight in 2 days or up to one week lead time.  We have a 2 week lead time for heavy duty casters that have welded on face contact brakes from Dallas.
4.      Middletown, Ohio:  This warehouse services the Midwest and Northeastern part of the US.  Again we have all casters sizes and capacities from this warehouse that can ship in two days to one week from receipt of purchase order.  Any combination of wheel and caster rig can be assembled in this plant and shipped by standard means.
5.      Tacoma, Washington:  Tacoma is one of our smaller warehouses but still a decent supply of casters are available to service the Northwest section of the US
6.      Los Angeles, California:  LA is a large market and we have a couple of warehouses we ship casters from these locations.  One of our warehouse mostly stocks light duty stem casters and dual wheel stem casters for 2 – 3 day shipments.  Our other warehouse keeps medium and heavy duty casters the can be assembled and shipped within one week to service the Western part of America.
7.      Michigan:  We have three great warehouses in Michigan.  From these 3 warehouses you can get virtually any size, shape, and capacity casters you need.  Some of these casters can ship in 2 – 3 days of order and the more detailed and specific casters can ship within 2 weeks….. Even the extreme capacity casters rating up to 40,000#
8.      Chicago, Illinois:  We have a couple of locations in Chicago area we ship from to meet the upper Midwest area of the US.  Again we have most all sizes and capacities available to ship in 2 – 3 days.

For a full list of our shipping locations and the different styles and advantages of our caster warehouse locations visit the following link:  http://www.heavy-dutycaster.com/Shipping-Locations.html
Let me know if you have an application for heavy duty casters in your industrial or commercial material handling applications.  We can help and we keep the very best in stock from 8 wonderful warehouse locations strategically positioned to service the entire United States.
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