Sunday, November 30, 2014


This video details our heavy-duty pneumatic and heavy-duty semi-pneumatic casters.  I discuss the capacity differences between the pneumatic and semi-pneumatic casters and how each type of wheel works in different applications.

We provide most of these types of wheels in the 6", 8", 10" and even 12" pneumatic or semi pneumatic casters.

The eco-rubber wheel is a solid rubber wheel on a poly hub.  Most of these wheels have sealed ball bearings.  The eco-rubber wheel has the highest capacity of the semi-pneumatic wheels but still gives somewhat of a cushioned ride.  The eco-rubber wheel is good for turf type carts or trucks.  Also good for equipment carts in  a production facility that keeps product from jolting around.  The wheels roll easy and will not flat spot under a heavy load.  These wheels can mark the floor if skidded across the floor.  Available in 6", 8", 10" and 12" wheels.

The ever-roll wheel is a micro cellular solid foam wheel on a tow piece metal hub.  We have sealed precision ball bearings in these wheels for superior rollability and ergonomics.  These solid foam wheels look and roll almost exactly like a full pneumatic wheel, BUT THEY WILL NOT GO FLAT!!

That is their huge advantage over air filled tires.  They are non marking and have the same capacity as pneumatic wheels.  These wheels are great for hand trucks, nursery carts, landscaping trucks and carts and any other outdoor mobility or inside cushioned ride carts.  Available in 8" and 10" wheels

The full pneumatic wheels have air filled in the tire and mounted on two piece metal hubs.  These wheels have sealed precision ball bearings that are made for heavy duty use in commercial and industrial use.  The 8" and 10" pneumatics have 4 ply tires and the 12" pneumatics have 6 ply tire to increase capacity and durability.  The wheels are great for hand trucks, and any outdoor cart or truck used in nursery or landscaping or for sports equipment carts.

Check out the video and as always you can call me for information about the heavy duty pneumatic and heavy duty semi-pneumatic casters.  We can also talk about applications for these casters.

Friday, October 17, 2014

How Heavy Duty Can We Get? 18,000 lbs. capacity Kingpinless Swivel Caster

We have a customer who builds yachts.  The mold for the yacht is carried by heavy-duty kingpinless swivel casters with 18,000 lbs. capacity per caster.  The yacht is move through the production line being towed to the different areas of the manufacturing facility on these casters.  Our solution is the 63 Series Extreme Heavy-Duty Kingpinless Swivel Caster with 8" x 4" forged steel wheel with tapered bearings.
This caster is used in extreme heavy duty applications where abusive and shock load and towing are present.  The 63 series casters are made of ASTM1045 steel, drop forged 1/2" thick top plate with a forged 4.5" diameter precision machined swivel race with a single row of 5/8" hardened ball bearings.  The legs are formed from 3/8" steel double welded to the outer raceway for added strength.  The offset raceway design, heat treatment, and tampering process allows the casters to carry the maximum weight of the bearings used, without horizontal wear, or fracturing of welds.  This also helps with side thrust force.  The kinpinless raceways are hot forged with a one piece integrally forged top plate.  The 63 series has a 6.25" x 7.5" top plate size with 4.5" x 6" slotted to 4 - 1/8" x 6 - 1/8" slotted bolt hole spacing.  1/2" or 9/16" attaching bolts can be used to mount the casters if not welded.  10.5" overall height.  
The 8" x 4" drop forged steel wheels are made of ASTM 1045 high carbon steel hot drop forged.  This improves the structure of the wheel, enhancing ductibility and tensile strength.  The forged steel wheels have a hardness of Rockwell 80B; Tensile Strength of 60,000psi and temperature range up to 1,300 degrees F.  The tread face is machine for a smooth, entrical ride, tread edge is machined round.  Tapered roller bearings in the wheel are the heaviest duty type of wheel bearings.  This bearing allows for towing very heavy loads and high weight capacity.  Tapered roller bearings should be lubricated on a maintenance schedule.  
We do have casters that go up to 40,000 lbs. capacity but most of those are as a dual wheel caster.  This 8" x 4" heavy-duty kingpinless swivel caster is made to be used in extreme applications like the yacht production industry.  We can get heavy!
Heavy-duty caster used
in yacht production facility.
Swivel kingpinless caster
with 8" x 4" forged steel wheel