Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Can Spring Loaded Casters Solve Your Sensitive Material Handling Problem?

Spring loaded casters are actually only helpful in a few applications in the industrial and commercial material handling world.  Spring loaded casters have three specific advantages.  One is they are designed to reduce vibration while rolling or maneuvering product on a cart.  The second is to help prevent shock loads when placing product or pallets on a carts or platform truck.  Third is noise reduction while transporting on a cart or buggy or truck.
Many times there may be sensitive material such as electronic components, glass, medical supplies and equipment and other material that needs little vibration while being transported.  Preventing shock locks is another unique feature of the spring loaded caster.  Typically the casters begin to engage the spring at about 400 – 700 pounds depending on the type of wheel used.  Also these casters can help eliminate excessive noise while transporting across rough floors or transitions.  The wheel chosen in this application is also important as we can use many types of rubber or urethane wheels to help with noise, shock load, and vibration.
Our spring loaded caster wheels have a standard 4.5” x 6.25” top plate to give the swivel race a larger footprint to help distribute the live load.  The springs are encapsulated in a polyurethane block under the swivel raceway.  There is about ¼” compression travel for the springs.


The spring loaded casters are only available in the swivel action caster.  The rigid if needed in an application do not have a spring actuation.
Let me know if you have an application for spring loaded casters in your industrial or commercial material handling applications.  We can help!

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