Monday, October 19, 2015

Heavy Duty Stem Casters: What are the options?

Not all casters have a top plate for mounting.  Many times your caster requirement needs a stem to attach to your cart or equipment.  At we have a wide variety of stem casters to choose from.  Grip ring stem casters are used in many round tube applications such as chairs, medical equipment, food service equipment and other types of commercial equipment.  Threaded stem casters are used in furniture equipment, display carts, vending machines, business machines, and work tables.  Expandable adapter stems are used in larger round tube applications such as food equipment tables and equipment.  Square stem casters are typically used in square tubing and have holes cross drilled in the stem to allow the caster to be secured inside the tube.  Octagon stem and round stem casters are used in 1" od round tubing and have grip ring to secure it into the tube.
Large round stem casters and even square stem casters are commonly used in scaffold equipment.  We can do metric stems and standard size stems.  Most of the heavy duty stem casters are used in specific applications and must be specified accordingly.
Expandable adapter stem caster.
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Grip Ring Stem Caster

heavy duty threaded stem caster

stainless steel stem caster

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